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Super Bowl LIV Prop Bets – Everything Else You Can Think of to Bet On

Jared Block
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The biggest sports event of the year is almost upon us, as Super Bowl LIV weekend is in full swing. As of this article posting, the Kansas City Chiefs are just 1.5-point favorites against the San Francisco 49ers. This matchup is expected to have a decent amount of scoring despite the competent defenses, with the game total currently sitting at 54.

We’ll be breaking down everything you can bet on this weekend in a three-part series: 1) Game Props, 2) Player Props, and 3) Everything Else You Can Think of to Bet On.

  –  Anthem Props  –

There are several props that are worth looking at that occur during the National Anthem to kick things off. One of the more popular bets of the evening will be the length of singer Demi Lovato’s performance. The over/under is currently sitting at 1 minute and 56 seconds, with the over receiving generous -150 odds. Last year’s singer, Gladys Knight, went way over the line in Super Bowl LIII, singing for 2 minutes and 1 second. I’d personally take a hard look at running it back with the over this year.

Demi Lovato Anthem Length
Over 1 minute, 56 seconds (-150 odds)
Under 1 minute, 56 seconds (+110 odds)

Other anthem prop bets include: first coach to be shown during the anthem, first QB to shown during the anthem and what color Demi’s microphone is.

–  The Coin Toss  –

One of the most popular Super Bowl bets takes place literally before the game starts. For all you degenerates out there, it could be the start of making your day or breaking your day. The coin toss is essentially a “coin flip” (go figure). Results from the first 53 Super Bowls show that the coin has landed heads a total of 28 times, while turning up heads 25 times. While there’s not much edge here, tails has resulted five of the last six Super Bowls including Super Bowl LIII. Odds for both sides of the coin are currently -105, but it feels like betting on a side is as mandatory as betting the over. Flip a few coins yourself to help influence your decision for Sunday.

Coin Toss Odds:
Heads -105
Tails -105

  –  Halftime Props  –

This year’s halftime show will be co-headlined by a duo performance of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Things to bet on include anything from a football being used as a prop, to Jay-Z making an appearance, to there being a wardrobe malfunction during the show. The bet that seems to be getting the most favorable odds seems to be ‘whether or not the women performing will be showing side-boob’. A raunchy prop selection? Maybe. But it could pay dividends.

Will J-Lo or Shakira show side-boob?
No -180
Yes +140

  –  Gatorade / Liquid Poured on Winning Coach  –

This one’s always an ‘icing on the cake’ or an ‘add fuel to the fire’ kind of prop. What better way to finish off an evening of profitable Super Bowl betting than to nail the color of the Gatorade that gets poured on the coach? The standard Lime/Green/Yellow option is normally the favorite on most occasions, but this year there are two narratives floating around that have influenced bettors to swing in different directions. Due to the tragic loss of Kobe Bryant earlier this week, there have been rumors floating around that the liquid color of choice on Sunday could possibly be purple to honor the legend. The word has spread around so much that the color purple has been bet all the way to +100 odds (current favorite). A strong case has been made for red due to the colors of both the Chiefs and Niners.

Color of Liquid Odds:
Purple +100
Red/Pink +300
Lime/Green/Yellow +400
Clear/Water +750
Orange +800
Blue +1200

–  Cross-Sport Props  –

If you want to go off the wall a little bit, you can chase Damian Lillard’s insane scoring run by putting him up against the Chiefs Offense. There is a current line of total points by Lillard (-2.5 points) on Sunday vs. the Jazz against the Chiefs total score that could be quite intriguing.

Cross-Sport Prop – Which Will Be Higher?
Chiefs Total Points +2.5 (-110 odds)
Damian Lillard Points vs. Jazz -2.5 (-110 odds)

For more Super Bowl LIV prop bets, game prop bets and player prop bets, check out our NFL Odds page.

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