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Sporttrade Now Live In Colorado

James Murphy
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  • Sporttrade has gone live in Colorado and is available for play now.
  • It is the second state for Sporttrade following New Jersey.
  • Sporttrade’s Colorado market access was awarded in partnership with the Easy Street Casino in Central City.

While the bulk of the US has seen little or no improvement in their sports betting freedoms since the fall of PASPA, there are some rare exceptions. Colorado remains the best US state for sports betting though it is still on a secondary level to the Canadian province of Ontario. At least things are trending in the right direction in the Centennial State where there are currently 21 online sports betting platforms for Colorado plyaers.

The latest to join the fray is a very interesting addition–the Sporttrade betting exchange. The Philadelphia based sports betting operator has announced that they’ve launched in Colorado and are available for play now. They entered the state in partnership with GF Gaming, owners of the Famous Bonanza and Easy Street Casinos in Central City. Officially, the Sporttrade partner is listed as the Easy Street property on the state’s Division of Gaming website.

Here’s what the Sporttrade press release said about their entry into Colorado:

Sporttrade enters Colorado as the state continues to showcase impressive amounts of growth. Bettors have created over $12 billion in handle since 2020 and the state represents a strong opportunity for Sporttrade to continue building on its grassroots effort of giving sports bettors greater autonomy. Sporttrade’s structure will allow Coloradans to finally benefit from better odds, impressive liquidity and an industry leading in-play experience.

Alex Kane, Sporttrade Founder and CEO, is clearly pleased that his innovative platform is now live in a second US jurisdiction:

“Today we’re privileged to introduce the Sporttrade experience in Colorado. Our launch today proves that Sporttrade can operate in any jurisdiction, with the same great features our customers have come to know us for; instant in-play betting, great prices, awesome liquidity, and the ability to always trade in and out of bets at fair value.”

“As our industry continues to shift focus towards differentiation and product, I’m proud to say that Sporttrade delivers the best in-play experience the world has ever seen. Thank you to the wonderful folks at the Colorado Division of Gaming, thank you to our growing family of customers, and most of all, I want to thank the fantastic Sporttrade team of employees, advisors, and investors.”

Roger Brown, General Manager of GF Gaming and Easy Street Casino, is happy to be working with Sporttrade:

“Having seen what Sporttrade has already achieved with its innovative and successful launch in New Jersey, we firmly believe that the brand and platform make for an ideal partnership for us in Colorado. Providing a better odds experience for the player is what GF Gaming has always been about, and Sporttrade brings that same priority to the sports betting market in Colorado.”

Sporttrade’s launch is another plus for Colorado and good news for the company. Here’s hoping for their continued success:

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