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Unibet Signs Promotional Deal With Tour de Tietema Cycling Team

James Murphy
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  • Unibet has announced a promotional partnership with the Dutch cycling team Tour de Tietema.
  • The partnership is focused on Netherlands and Belgium where Tour de Tietma is starting on the continental level with designs on achieving pro team status in the future.
  • The new team is being referred to as the ‘TDT-Unibet Cycling Team’.

Kindred Group plc has announced that their flagship sportsbook brand Unibet is now the main sponsor of Dutch cycling team Tour de Tietema. The Netherlands and Belgium focused deal begins on January 1, 2023 and the team is now being referred to in media releases as the ‘TDT-Unibet Cycling Team’. In addition to the promotional component of the deal TDT and Unibet will work together to promote cycling as a recreational sport and–you guessed it–‘increase social engagements’. The new team will begin in continental level competition with hopes to progress to pro status in the future.

Lennart Kessels, General Manager, Netherlands, Kindred Group, is excited to work with the TDT cycling team:

“We are extremely proud to work together with Tour de Tietema. Their dedication combined with their boldness to do things differently is a big inspiration. It’s an honour to help make their long-lived dream to start a cycling team a reality. Besides, the cycling world is not new to us as Unibet previously sponsored a cycling team back in 2006 and 2007. We are therefore convinced that we can fuel the ambitions of this new cycling team.

On the other side of the table, Tour de Tietema founder Bas Tietema is pleased to have a partner that is enthusiastic about his vision for the team:

“We are delighted to have Unibet as our main sponsor. With Unibet, we have found a partner who has great confidence in our vision and supports us in our dream of turning the cycling world upside down with an innovative approach. In addition, Unibet allows us to keep our own TDT brand identity which is unique in the cycling world. With TDT-Unibet Cycling Team, we hope to show sports enthusiasts the beauty of cycling sports. We are excited to start our journey with Unibet and for the future ahead.”

Here’s the full press release in PDF format:

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