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Philadelphia Eagles Expand Promotional Agreement With Unibet

James Murphy
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  • The Philadelphia Eagles and gaming technology company Kindred Group PLC have announced an extension of their promotional agreement.
  • Under the terms of the new deal Kindred’s Unibet brand will become the NFL teams’ ‘official casino, online casino games and sportsbook partner.’
  • In early 2021, Kindred Group’s Unibet brand launched the first ever professional sports themed slot in the US market in partnership with the Eagles.

Malta based gaming technology provider Kindred Group PLC have announced that their partnership with the NFL Philadelphia Eagles has been extended through the end of the 2025 season. The partnership is with Kindred’s Unibet brand and the deal will see a wider range of collaboration than in the past.

One enhanced component of the partnership is Unibet’s expansive new title of ‘Official Partner for Online Casino, Casino, Online Games and Sportsbook.’ In addition to other branding in the Eagles’ home stadium, the press release announced the creation of ‘a dedicated `Unibet Landing’ location at Lincoln Financial Field’. That location will host–you guessed it–‘different fan engagement activities throughout the year.’

Here’s the ‘official’ verbiage used in announcing the extended partnership deal:

Kindred and the Philadelphia Eagles extend the agreement of their partnership until the end of the 2024/25 season. As part of the new agreement, Unibet will now serve as the Eagles’ official casino, online casino games, and sportsbook partner.

Kindred Group plc’s (Kindred) Unibet brand and the Philadelphia Eagles continue to build on their current partnership with a new three-year extension. As part of the agreement, Unibet will have a dedicated `Unibet Landing’ location at Lincoln Financial Field that will host different fan engagement activities throughout the year. Additionally, Unibet will expand sponsorship designations to include Official Partner for Online Casino, Casino, Online Games and Sportsbook.

In early 2021, Kindred’s Unibet brand launched what was described as the ‘first ever professional sports themed slot machine in the US market’ in partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles. The new partnership will see additional casino games coming down the pipeline:

Unibet and the Eagles will continue to innovate by offering consumers branded mobile casino games, including Eagles slot games, Eagles blackjack games and others. The partnership will also see Kindred activating the Unibet brand at Lincoln Financial Field and across the team’s digital properties.

Manuel Stan, SVP North America, Kindred Group, is pleased that his company’s relationship with the Eagles will continue:

“Our partnership with the Eagles has been a key pillar in Unibet’s strategy in Pennsylvania since the entry in the market and will continue to be an essential piece going forward. We are very pleased to continue the collaboration and continue to develop innovative and engaging projects both at the stadium as well as digitally.”

Brian Napoli, Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, Philadelphia Eagles, returned the pleasantries:

“We look forward to extending our fully-integrated partnership with Unibet for another three years. Our growth in this emerging online space has enabled us to connect with Eagles fans in new and interactive ways thanks to Unibet’s forward-thinking approach to the industry. Through our continued partnership, we are excited to offer Eagles fans even more engagement opportunities, starting with the new Unibet Landing at Lincoln Financial Field this season.”

There are few things I enjoy more than embedding .PDF files, so here’s the full text of the press release announcing the extension of the Eagles/Kindred partnership:

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