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Kambi Adds Esports Soccer Odds To Sports Betting Platform

James Murphy
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  • Kambi has announced the addition of esports soccer odds to their sports betting platform.
  • The company is planning to add additional esports odds later this year.
  • The odds are provided by Kambi’s esports subsidiary Abios.

Kambi, arguably the world leader in sports betting technology, has announced a significant enhancement to its esports betting services by incorporating esoccer odds into its sportsbook platform. This development leverages the expertise of Kambi’s esports subsidiary, Abios, integrating real-time data and statistics directly from rights holders. The process is bolstered by automated modeling meticulously managed by a dedicated trading team, ensuring accuracy and responsiveness in the odds offered.

The integration signifies a strategic move to tap into the burgeoning esports market, with plans to further broaden access to Abios’ comprehensive data streams. These streams encompass a variety of esports disciplines, including ebasketball, Counter-Strike, and League of Legends, as Kambi aims to enrich its partners’ offerings throughout the year.

Simon Noy, SVP of Trading at Kambi, expressed his enthusiasm for this development:

“The integration of Abios’ esoccer odds product into the Kambi sportsbook platform marks an exciting advancement for our esports offering. Abios’ expertise in real-time data and automated modelling ensures that our network receives top-tier esoccer trading. As we continue the roll-out to ebasketball and titles such as Counter-Strike and League of Legends, we are confident that this will not only enhance the quality of our offerings but also drive further growth in the rapidly expanding esports betting market.”

The esoccer offering by Abios is set to cover more than 6,000 matches monthly, ensuring a rich and varied selection for bettors. This offering is facilitated through the same virtual sports product trading gateway as Tzeract, Abios’ modular product, highlighting the seamless integration and efficiency of Kambi’s enhanced esports betting solutions.

Oskar Bonnevier Fröberg, CEO and Founder of Abios, also commented on this collaboration:

“With our roots in esports data, we’re very happy to be able to provide the models and trading capabilities to power dozens of sportsbooks across the globe with a reliable and accurate esoccer odds feed. As Abios’ trading capabilities grow, we can increase uptime and bet offer availability to esports while offering innovative solutions such as same-game bet builders and player props, catering to the fast and expansive consumer habits of the digital generation.”

This initiative by Kambi, through its partnership with Abios, represents a forward-thinking approach to sports betting, aiming to cater to the preferences of the digital generation with cutting-edge, data-driven solutions. As esports continues to capture the imagination of a global audience, Kambi’s expansion into this domain underscores its commitment to providing diverse and dynamic betting options to meet the evolving demands of bettors worldwide.

Esports betting is booming worldwide though still a minor niche sport in the US. You probably won’t be surprised to find out that the biggest barrier to success in that market is the miserable regulatory frameworks established in most states that have nominally ‘legalized’ sports betting.

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