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FanDuel Set To Take Over DC Lottery’s Sports Betting Operations

James Murphy
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  • Industry powerhouse FanDuel is set to take over the DC Lottery’s sports betting operation.
  • The DC Lottery’s sports betting was previously run by Intralot, who received the contract in a highly criticized deal.
  • FanDuel is slated to launch in the District of Columbia on April 15.

In an exciting turn of events for sports betting enthusiasts in Washington, D.C., FanDuel is gearing up to revolutionize the online sports wagering landscape in the nation’s capital. Slated to launch on April 15, FanDuel’s entry into the D.C. market marks a pivotal moment, taking over operations from GambetDC as part of its collaboration with Intralot, which has been at the helm since 2019.

The District’s Office of Lottery and Gaming (OLG) made a strategic move by naming FanDuel as a subcontractor for Intralot last month, aiming to inject new vitality into the city’s gaming scene. GambetDC, under Intralot’s management, has been the exclusive provider of online wagering in D.C. However, it has faced criticism for its unfavorable odds and subpar performance, prompting the OLG to partner with FanDuel for a fresh start.

FanDuel’s introduction to the D.C. market comes with the continuation of the city’s closed market policy, limiting the operation of non-exclusive sportsbooks to a two-block radius around D.C.’s professional sports venues like Capital One Arena, Audi Field, and Nationals Park. This transition also sees FanDuel assuming control over GambetDC’s retail operations, signaling a significant shift in D.C.’s sports betting ecosystem.

The transition to FanDuel is expected to spark new economic opportunities within D.C., a much-needed boost considering GambetDC’s contribution of $4.3 million to the local economy since 2020, falling short of the projected $84 million. Intralot’s agreement includes a $5 million payment to the OLG within FY2024, underscoring the financial implications of this operational shift.

In a parallel development, D.C. council member Kenyan McDuffie has introduced legislation aimed at opening up the market to further competition. The proposed Sports Wagering Amendment Act of 2024 seeks to expand D.C.’s lottery and gaming laws to include a new category of wagering licenses for online operators, in partnership with professional sports teams. These Class C licenses, requiring a $2 million fee for a five-year term and a $1 million renewal fee, coupled with a 30% tax on sports betting revenue, represent a significant step towards liberalizing D.C.’s sports betting market.

As FanDuel prepares to make its mark in Washington, D.C., the landscape of sports betting in the capital is poised for a dramatic transformation. With the potential for more competition on the horizon, the city’s bettors and the local economy stand to benefit from a more dynamic, efficient, and engaging betting experience.

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