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Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Names FanDuel As First Authorized Gaming Operator

Ross Everett
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  • FanDuel is the first ‘Authorized Gaming Operator’ of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).
  • The sportsbook will have use of WTA trademarks and will also use WTA Tour’s official scoring data.
  • This will be the first time that FanDuel will have women’s sports video highlights throughout its digital platforms and sportsbooks.

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) is the largest organizing body for women’s tennis internationally. It was founded by pro tennis great Billie Jean King in 1973 and now ranks with the LPGA as one of the leaders in women’s professional sports. The WTA Tour is comprised of 50+ events and four Grand Slams attracting a global audience of over 700 million. Now for the first time the organization has announced a promotional partnership with a North American sportsbook.

FanDuel has been named the first ‘Authorized Gaming Operator’ for the WTA covering North, South and Central America. This relationship is a ‘first’ both entities–it is the WTA’s inaugural sports betting partnership and it will be the first time that FanDuel will feature video highlights from a women’s sport throughout their platform. The WTA will grant FanDuel rights to use proprietary trademarks along with the WTA Tour’s official scoring data from Stats Perform. The data provider signed on in a partnership with the WTA late last year.

At the time that the partnership with Stats Perform was announced it was evident that the WTA was looking to form a closer relationship with the growing North American sports betting industry. This deal and the partnership with FanDuel are the first steps to leveraging sports betting to help grow the visibility of women’s tennis. You can expect the WTA to announce additional sportsbook partnerships in North America along with collaborative relationships targeting the European and Asian markets.

WTA President, Micky Lawler gave a welcome to FanDuel on the occasion:

“The WTA is pleased to welcome FanDuel as its first Authorized Gaming Operator. FanDuel is a premier destination for sports fans online and this relationship provides the building blocks for growing our fan base. This milestone not only delivers on the growing appetite fans have for a more personalized sporting experience, but also paves the way for us to have a proactive role in managing the responsible gambling standards and practices we wish to foster. Our top priority is providing our fans with more opportunities to engage with the sport in a fun and safe way.”   

Amy Howe, President and Interim CEO, FanDuel Group, said that the partnership with the WTA was indicative of her company’s commitment to women’s sports:

“We are incredibly proud of our commitment to supporting women in sports and are continuously looking for new ways to further raise awareness of female athletes, teams, and all women in sports. Aligning with the WTA — the global leader in women’s professional sports – is consistent with our overall mission to elevate the profile for talented women in sports. We are delighted to partner with such a prestigious organization.”

 “Our platforms are now a destination for WTA content and highlights, which significantly enriches the sports betting experience, while continuing to expand our media and content capabilities.”

Tennis has become a very popular betting sport over the past decade. As of yet, the top men’s tennis organization (the APT Tour) has not announced any sports betting partnerships though it’s likely just a matter of time.

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