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Virgin Las Vegas Still Needs A New Name For Venue Formerly Known As ‘The Joint’

James Murphy
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  • Virgin Hotels Las Vegas has announced a March 25, 2021 opening date.
  • The hotel has delayed opening twice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The long running music venue ‘The Joint’ is being renamed.

Virgin Hotels Las Vegas now has an opening date of March 25, 2021. Most everything is order but they still need a new name for the long running concert venue formerly known as ‘The Joint’. This brand name–along with the massive collection of music memorabilia that used to be a highlight of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino–was purchased by Hard Rock Hotel International earlier this year.

Vinyl–the smaller entertainment venue at the property formerly called the Hard Rock–is also getting a new name though that one has been decided upon. The 650 seat club will now be called 24 Oxford, an homage to the original Virgin Record Store which opened at that address in London in 1971.

As far as the joint, it’ll likely get some kind of sponsored name since that sort of revenue is tough to turn down–particularly in the COVID-19 era. AEG Las Vegas Senior Vice President Bobby Reynolds (AEG manages ‘the former joint’) is working with the new ownership of the property to come up with a name:

“This is a conversation we are having with the property, they have a say and we have a say. The name needs to mean something. We also want a sponsor to come in and have a say in it, for revenue.”

So basically, three stakeholders have a say in it and one of them is (presumably) not yet identified. The forthcoming Resorts World Las Vegas property announced their name awhile back and it’s not exactly groundbreaking. Their 5,000 seat event venue will be called The Theater at Resorts World Las Vegas. Here’s some background on that venue:

The design approach for The Theater features innovative staging, the latest in technology and audio-visual capabilities, and top of the line guest and artist amenities. The scalable venue will introduce first-of-its-kind functionality to Las Vegas. Stage design and technical features include:

  • One of the largest and tallest stages on the Las Vegas Strip. The 64-foot deep by 196-foot wide stage is 13,550 square feet and features a height of 95-feet.
  • A state-of-the-art, fully immersive audio system comprised of 265 speakers, enabling a multi-dimensional surround sound experience.
  • Fully configurable LED screens totaling almost 5,000 square feet

The multi-level theatre offers versatile seating configurations. The 5,000 capacity venue will have seating distributed between the orchestra floor and two balcony levels. The latter will include dedicated VIP seating.
One of the highlights of The Theater is that the furthest seat is only 150 feet from the stage. The venue will offer an intimate and unique shared experience between the artist and the audience, with unparalleled comfort, unobstructed sightlines, and great room acoustics.

I would imagine that at some point ‘The Theater’ will get some corporate branding as well.

The problem now is that the ‘working title’ of the theater at the Virgin Hotels Las Vegas is….you guessed it….The Theater at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. AEG Las Vegas Vice President Bobby Reynolds says coming up with a name isn’t easy:

“We could think a national or multinational brand. But it’s important, too, to have a brand that makes sense for the resort’s vision.”

They’ll probably come up with something before the property opens on March 25.

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