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Upgraded Live Betting Experience Coming To Circa Sports Colorado Via Odds Deal With DeckPrism

James Murphy
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  • Henderson, NV based DeckPrism offers an upgraded live betting product that seeks to completely eliminate delays.
  • They have signed a deal to become the exclusive in-play odds provider for Circa Sports in Colorado.
  • Colorado has the most robust and innovative sports betting ecosystem in the United States.

There’s a reason that Colorado has in my view the most robust and innovative ecosystem in the United States. It’s simple: they let the bookmaking professionals run the business instead of politicians and bureaucrats. Throw in reasonable fees and taxes and it creates a competitive and dynamic sports betting marketplace that benefits everyone concerned–particularly the sports betting public whose needs are completely ignored in most states.

No surprise that influential Las Vegas sportsbook operator Circa Sports’s first location outside of Nevada is in Colorado. It’s also no surprise that they keep raising the game in all phases of their sports betting operation. Most recently, they’ve added a significant upgrade to their live lines and ‘in play’ betting experience. They’ve signed a contract with Henderson, Nevada based DeckPrism Sports to serve as their exclusive provider of in-play odds in Colorado:

DeckPrism Sports, the premier in-play odds originator in North America, has announced an agreement with Circa Sports Colorado to become the exclusive in-play odds provider for Circa’s sportsbook app in Colorado. The agreement grants Circa Sports Colorado access to DeckPrism technology, which will in turn offer Circa Colorado customers the fastest, most transparent, most accurate pricing, and most reliable in-play odds on the market.

The co-founders of DeckPrism Sports are Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow, who previously wrote the excellent book The Logic of Sports Betting. DeckPrism offers a full range of sportsbook services but their ‘killer app’ is state of the art live odds that all but eliminate delays in pricing and processing in play wagers. Miller explains why delays are such a bad thing, a theme they hit on in their book:

“The delays are terrible for everybody. The delays are bad for the bettors because basically it’s giving the operator an extra eight seconds to decide if they want your bet or not. … It’s never going to be truly fair to the bettor to have a delay on a bet.”

“It’s also bad for the operator on the other hand to have the delay, because what are they doing? They’re rejecting bets. That’s just terrible business.”

Miller is clearly excited to be working with Circa Sports in Colorado, quickly becoming the new epicenter of US sports betting:

“We are thrilled to be working with a great brand like Circa Sports Colorado, and to partner with them in providing the fairest and most transparent in-game product on the market. Live in-game play has largely fallen short, leading to delays in what are supposed to be real-time odds and rejections of far too many bets. Our technology fixes those issues, offering bettors a much fairer vehicle for in-game wagering and allowing operators to capture more in-game action.”

Matthew Metcalf, director of Circa Sports, loves the competitive advantage that his sportsbook derives from using the DeskPrism technology:

“DeckPrism has built an engine that will power in-game wagering far more effectively for companies like ours, which got into the sportsbook business to take bets. DeckPrism’s technology is second to none in creating odds that both we and our customers can trust, and that significantly improves the in-game experience for everyone.”

Circa Sports offers mobile betting in Colorado in partnership with Century Casino in Cripple Creek. Colorado bettors can find Circa Sports at https://co.circasports.com/sports.

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