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Third Party Lottery App Jackpocket Now Available In Idaho

James Murphy
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Jackpocket Launches Lottery App in Idaho
  • Third party lottery app Jackpocket is now available in the Gem State of Idaho.
  • Jackpocket recently announced a helmet logo sponsorship deal with the National Hockey League (NHL) New York Islanders.
  • Jackpocket is available in Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

My knowledge of math and probability precludes me from ever becoming a ‘lottery enthusiast’. Even so, I’ve become a big admirer of the third party lottery app Jackpocket and particularly their CEO Peter Sullivan. We even added a ‘lottery’ category just for Jackpocket. In many ways, they’re fighting a similar fight to the innovators in the sports betting industry. There’s clearly demand for their product, but they’re forced to fight a never ending battle against state politicians and regulators. Jackpocket’s ability to gain so much traction in such a difficult regulatory environment is very impressive. Most of you know what a pain it is for any type of innovative company to make inroads in US sports betting. Can you imagine the balls it takes to try and bring innovation to state lotteries?

Jackpocket has just announced their availability in the Gem State of Idaho, making it thirteen states (actually 12 states and the District of Columbia) for the third party lottery app. They even got it right by calling the residents of the state ‘Idahoans’. Here’s the info from the Jackpocket press release:

As Powerball and Mega Millions surge to a combined $900 million, Idahoans can now order lottery tickets from the convenience of their phone. Jackpocket, the leading third-party app in the U.S. to provide a secure way to order official state lottery tickets, today announced its launch in Idaho, offering lottery fans a new way to play.

Lottery players in Idaho can place ticket orders for beloved lottery games, including Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto America, Lucky for Life, Idaho Cash, Pick 3, and Pick 4 on Jackpocket’s easy-to-use mobile app. The secure platform allows players to conveniently place ticket orders, view an image of their ticket, check lottery results, and even receive prizes up to $599 directly on the app. If players win more than $599, the winning ticket will be transferred to them for claiming their prize from the Idaho Lottery.

To celebrate, Jackpocket is offering Idahoans their first lottery ticket free on the app. New players can receive a $2 lottery ticket by downloading Jackpocket and entering the code HEYID at checkout.

Here’s the aforementioned Peter Sullivan, Jackpocket founder and CEO, making note of the fact that Idaho is the 13th jurisdiction for his company’s app:

“Idaho marks the 13th state where Jackpocket is available for lottery play, making 13 a lucky number in our eyes. The Jackpocket team is looking forward to providing Idahoans, both long-time lottery players and new players alike, a digital-forward way to enjoy one of America’s favorite entertainment options.”

Now *that* is how you do a press release quote. I never thought I’d say this about anyone involved in the lottery industry, but I’d love to interview Jackpocket CEO Sullivan. He’s clearly a sharp guy and it would be interesting to talk about the regulatory challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve dealt with them. Speaking of PR, Jackpocket’s public relations game is also very tight. Not sure who does it, but they do a great job and even make life easy for hardworking gaming journalists by serving up a sharp looking ‘featured image’.

October has already been a big month for Jackpocket–they recently announced a helmet decal partnership deal with the National Hockey League (NHL) New York Islanders. Great to see Jackpocket expanding their market reach and best wishes for their future success.

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