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MaximBet Stepping Up For Colorado Wildfire Relief

James Murphy
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  • MaximBet will match all user donations to Colorado wildfire relief efforts.
  • Carousel Gaming announced a partnership with Maxim Media–publisher of Maxim Magazine–in early April 2021.
  • MaximBet launched their platform in Colorado in September 2021.

It wasn’t that long ago that living in Las Vegas was a very insular experience. To some extent, the valley was its own self-contained surreal reality. This was particularly true for those of us in the sports betting ecosystem. It’s a bizarre experience to be watching TV news reports of a natural disaster elsewhere in the US while sitting in a casino sportsbook on an 80 degree day in December.

This is no longer the case due to a variety of factors, most significant being the growth of Las Vegas into a major metropolitan area of 2 million plus. Sports betting is a worldwide industry that has enjoyed significant growth in North America over the past couple of years. It’s no longer centered in Las Vegas which means that there are many more situations where the industry finds itself right in the middle of real world issues. For that reason, it has become much more common to see the big gaming companies take an active role in trying to help out when problems impact their communities.

Colorado has become one of the top sports betting jurisdictions in the world over the past 18 months plus. The state is currently dealing with the aftermath of a serious wildfire in Boulder County, just north of the Denver metro area. At last check, the 6,000 acre fire was reportedly under control but left plenty of damage in its wake. Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle estimates that at least 500 homes were destroyed and that this number could be as high as 1,000. 35,000 people were forced to evacuate as the fire advanced and the grim reality is that not all will have a home to return to. If there is a ‘silver lining’ to reports from Boulder County it’s that so far there have been no reported fatalities.

People and businesses all across Colorado are anxious to help those impacted by the fire and even the sports betting industry is stepping up. In particular, MaximBet has announced what they’re doing for wildfire relief efforts and are calling upon the rest of the industry to do their part. We’ve talked quite a bit about MaximBet over the past year. MaximBet is a partnership involving European gaming firm Carousel Group and Maxim Media–publishers of Maxim Magazine. Carousel Group had launched their sportsbook platform in Colorado under the SportsBetting.com brand but in April 2021 announced that under an agreement with Maxim Media it would be rebranded as ‘MaximBet’. The press release announcing the deal gave a launch time frame of 90 days–they would end up missing that goal but on September 2, 2021 the Colorado sportsbook formerly known as ‘SportsBetting.com’ was reincarnated as MaximBet.

Earlier today, MaximBet announced that in addition to a $10,000 initial corporate donation to the Boulder County Community Wildfire Fund they will match client donations to the fund. Here’s the comments from Daniel Graetzer, CEO, MaximBet about the devastation in Colorado and their efforts to help those affected:

“Watching the devastation unfold across Colorado yesterday was heartbreaking, and our hearts go out to all the families impacted by the wildfire. Since choosing Colorado as the first state to launch MaximBet, we have been overwhelmed by the community and support we received in just a short period of time. We want to repay that kindness and call on all MaximBet users to give what they can to support those who need it most this holiday season.”

MaximBet players who donate to the Boulder County Community Wildfire Fund will also enjoy a bonus deposit equal to their donation amount (up to $100). MaximBet is also calling upon the rest of the sports betting and gaming industry in support of Colorado wildfire relief. Here’s more from MaximBet CEO Graetzer:

“Colorado welcomed the sports betting industry with open arms, introducing us to the incredible and passionate sports fans across the state. It’s our hope that the entire industry comes together to support the people of this great state and help rebuild the communities hit hard by this catastrophe.”

Colorado has done a phenomenal job with sports betting. If you factor in everything else the state offers, Colorado is definitely in the mix to be considered the best sports betting jurisdiction in the US. Very cool move by MaximBet to take the initiative to help in this manner. Most of the major gaming companies in the US market have a presence in Colorado and it would be great to see them respond in kind to CEO Graetzer’s call for them to assist with relief efforts as well. Not only could the resources of the industry help people in need it’s definitely good PR for the individual companies and the sports betting industry as a whole.

Here’s a little more background on the Boulder County Wildlife Fund as well as how to donate:

Community Foundation Boulder County activated the Boulder County Wildfire Fund on December 30th in response to the devastation caused by wildfires across Denver and Boulder County. The foundation, in partnership with government and nonprofit organizations, will support the more than 35,000 residents who were evacuated as hundreds of homes and businesses were lost to the wildfire.

MaximBet users can donate to the Boulder County Wildfire Fund via the Community Foundation’s website at commfound.org/grants/get-grant/Boulder-County-Wildfire-Fund. Following the donation, MaximBet asks users to share their donation on Twitter and Facebook, or via email at support@maximbet.com.

Apparently, the Boulder County Wildfire Fund website has been suffering downtime due to heavy traffic so if you can’t access it the first time keep trying.

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