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Las Vegas Silverton Casino To Remodel Hotel

James Murphy
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  • The Silverton Casino Hotel in Las Vegas has announced a ‘complete reimagining of its hotel offering’ in conjunction with the property’s 25th anniversary.
  • The design is inspired by the Silverton’s ‘sister property’, the Hotel Drover in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • The hotel and pool deck will be closed during remodeling, though the rest of the Silverton property will remain open.

The Silverton Casino Hotel long ago shed its ‘under the radar’ status as a Las Vegas locals ‘secret spot’. Located at 3333 Blue Diamond Road, the Silverton has always been one of the more underrated properties in the Las Vegas Valley. Until the buyout by William Hill, it was arguably the most easily accessible Cantor Gaming sportsbook in Southern Nevada. Overall, the casino is very good and has won numerous awards for ranking among the best ‘off strip’ or ‘locals’ gaming experiences in town.

All of the Starbucks in Southern Nevada *should* look like this

The Silverton has several excellent restaurants worth mentioning including my personal favorite, WuHu Noodle. The Twin Creeks Steakhouse is another first rate dining establishment that definitely ranks among the upper echelon of Las Vegas’ steak hierarchy. I’m admittedly a Mexican food ‘snob’, though Mi Casa at the Silverton does the Americanized version of the cuisine better than most. Worthy of note is Mi Casa’s world class tequila selection. There’s also a very solid sushi bar cleverly called ‘Su Casa’. Of course, no food and beverage product mix would be complete without a Starbucks and Silverton has two–one inside the casino, the other in nearby Silverton Village has the ‘Vegas style’ iconography that should be ubiquitous at the chain’s Southern Nevada locations.

A desk chair that can actually be used for work! Plus good lighting!

Don’t let the ‘western theme’ fool you–another great thing about the Silverton is that it is a really decent hotel. I’ve always gone for the ‘luxury king’ room which is comfortable, well lit (a rarity at hotels) and has a great desk/chair work setup. The ‘rack rate’ for this room is just $89, and depending on when you go you can get it for significantly less than that. The Sway Pool is also sublime–a low key alternative to the ‘dayclub’ scene that predominates around Las Vegas. I just wish they’d let locals ‘buy their way in’ but they’ve always been limited to hotel guests. On top of everything, there’s a Bass Pro Shop adjacent to the Silverton. They’ve even got mermaids!

Sway Pool at Silverton Casino Hotel in Las Vegas

In theory, you’d think that sushi, steak, stuffed wild animals in the Bass Pro Shop and mermaids at a Western themed property would be a disjointed mess. Somehow, the Silverton has always ‘worked’ despite all of the incongruous elements. The staff has always been great and the ‘scale’ of the property is nowhere near the Strip mega-resorts. That makes for higher quality service in every phase of operations.


There’s a real tendency among Las Vegas resort properties to ‘not fix it if it ain’t broke’. The problem with this strategy is that obsolescence can sneak up from behind. The Rio Suite Hotel and Casino was one of the nicest places in town until it wasn’t. The same fate has even befallen The Mirage aka the property that changed the course of Las Vegas forever. The Mirage was the quintessential Las Vegas experience when Steve Wynn was at the helm and it maintained its status after he left. Somewhere along the way, however, it became ‘expendable’ to MGM Resorts. Not sure if it was ’cause’ or ‘effect’, but the buffet and restaurants became mediocre (Heritage Steak the exception) the quality of the hotel began to deteriorate and the general ‘Vegas luxe’ vibe disappeared almost overnight.

King Terrace room at the Hotel Drover in Fort Worth, TX

To their credit, this has never happened at the Silverton. When I got the press release about their hotel renovation I was surprised to discover that it was the property’s 25th anniversary. They’ve never been complacent about tweaking their product mix to hit several target demographics including locals in the fast growing area around Blue Diamond Road. Now the Silverton is going to undertake a huge upgrade of their hotel–which is already pretty good. Here’s the 411 from the press release:

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Silverton Casino Hotel has announced it is undergoing a complete reimagining of its hotel offering, creating a new boutique hotel experience to anchor the resort.

The remodeled hotel will feature 300 “rustic-luxe” guest rooms and suites including three distinct “design stories,” each with its own curated style, decor and spirit that will transport guests into a unique experience during every visit: 

Cowboy Kitsch Collection – rooms featuring a quirky blend of rustic chic with tasteful modern accents.

Rustic Modern Collection – rooms featuring natural, aged, and weathered furnishings, with the sense of natural warmth of the outdoors.

Livin’ Lodge Collection – rooms inspired by the elegant Rockies glam design and the legendary cattle baron homes found in the West.

We’re not talking a coat of paint and new bed linens–the cost of the remodel is $45 million USD for 300 hotel rooms. For those of you scoring at home, that breaks down to $150,000 per room. The design is inspired by a critically acclaimed property in Fort Worth, Texas called Hotel Drover:

The designs were inspired by the company’s award-winning sister property Hotel Drover, a Marriott Autograph Collection Hotel, which opened to national acclaim in 2021 in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. Just like Hotel Drover, the Silverton designs include rich details with intentional and eye-catching touchpoints. Since opening, the Drover has been recognized by USA Today, Condé Nast, Forbes, and Travel + Leisure for its unique and elegant western glam design, its curated art, crafted fixtures, and custom furnishings.

 Silverton CEO Craig Cavileer says that the upgrade is more of a ‘reinvention’ than a remodel

“This is more than a room remodel. This was an opportunity to creatively reinvent our entire hotel operation in Las Vegas. While we are keeping aspects of our lodge theme that our guests have enjoyed over the years, our new rooms and suites will envelop our guests in a new spirit of rustic elegance, providing a unique Las Vegas hotel experience.”

The design of this $45M project is under the direction of Kayla Wilkie, director of Design and Development for Lifestyle and Hospitality for Majestic Realty Co., an affiliate of Silverton.  Cavileer is confident that she’ll do something transformational at the Silverton:

“Kayla did a phenomenal job in designing the award-winning Hotel Drover in Fort Worth and I expect that she will deliver an amazing product for us here as well.”

The resort will remain open during the remodeling…er….’reinvention’. The exceptions are the Hotel and Sway Pool Deck:

To prepare for the extensive renovation, the hotel and adjacent Sway pool deck will be out of service beginning in early August and scheduled to reopen in early 2023. The entire resort – including the casino, restaurants, aquarium, Veil Pavilion, Johnny Rockets, Starbucks, and Bass Pro Shops – will remain open during the hotel and pool renovation. In addition, Hyatt Place Las Vegas at Silverton Village and The Berkley, Las Vegas – both located within the Silverton Village district – will remain open.

I’ve stayed at the Hyatt Place and it has a nice pool area. It’ll be a suitable substitute while the Silverton hotel/pool is offline. No mermaids, unfortunately. Once the Silverton hotel project is completed I’ll check it out and provide a full report.

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