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Huge Tesla Supercharger Station Now Open At M Resort Spa Casino In Las Vegas

James Murphy
by in Las Vegas on
  • The M Resort Spa Casino in Las Vegas has announced the opening of a 24 charger Tesla Supercharger Station.
  • The charging station is one of the largest in the Las Vegas Valley.
  • The M Resort is operated by Penn Entertainment, the rebranded Penn National Gaming.

The M Resort Spa Casino is just about as far south as you can go on Las Vegas Boulevard and is still one of the better properties in town–a least in terms of amenities. It might no longer be one of the top destinations for sports bettors, but it’s still offers as close of a facsimile to refined sophistication as you’re going to find in Las Vegas circa 2023. You’ll still find excellent dining options, a servicable spa and a relaxing if somewhat sedate pool scene. Memo to Penn Entertainment: not everybody wants the Jersey Shore-esque Strip resort pool scene but nobody wants to pay money for a ‘family friendly’ pool experience.

The newest amenity at the M is a perfect reflection of the residential grown in the south Valley and the changing demographics of the Las Vegas tourism market. The M Resort Spa Casino has unveiled a huge Tesla Supercharger station at the resort. The all-new charging station is located at the M Resort southeast guest parking lot near the main hotel entrance.

Hussain Mahrous, VP and General Manager of M Resort Spa Casino is happy to offer the Supercharger station at his property:

“We are excited to welcome our valued M Resort guests to the new Tesla Supercharger station here at M Resort. This new offering will provide a convenient way for Tesla drivers to stay charged and will help with both local and long-distance travel for our guests.”

The M Resort Tesla Supercharger station features 24 chargers, and it will also aid in accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. If nothing else, it gives visitors and South valley residents a place to charge up their Tesla quickly and plenty to do inside while they wait. For more information, visit tesla.com/superchargers or themresort.com.

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