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European Sportsbooks Posting Presidential Inauguration Odds Featuring Donald Trump And Joe Biden

James Murphy
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  • A number of European sportsbooks are taking action on the Presidential inauguration.
  • Although there are some bets related to Joe Biden’s inauguration speech most interest is in Donald Trump’s activities during the event.
  • Based on the odds, the most likely activity for Trump during the inauguration is a round of golf.

Although the presidency of Donald Trump is ending (literally) with a bang after he incited an angry mob into an armed attack on the US capitol there are at least some people that might not be glad to see him go. Granted, they don’t live in the US. The Trump Presidency has been huge for political betting around the world and as such many sportsbook operators will miss the huge action that he generated on such historically staid events as elections, debates and state of the union addresses.

The ‘Trump’ factor gas been credited for transforming political betting from a solid but unspectacular revenue stream into a massive source of cash flow and handle for sportsbooks worldwide. Some sportsbooks indicated that the Trump v. Biden 2020 Presidential race was their largest single event betting handle ever. The divisive nature of Trump’s governing style produced an election that exceeded the betting interest on the 2016 Presidential race against Hillary Clinton. For that reason, you can’t blame sportsbooks for wanting to get one last crack at a Trump windfall–and hopefully establish Joe Biden as a popular catalyst for betting action.

On Thursday, January 20th, Democrat Joe Biden will officially be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. Biden has himself shown a tendency to be a good source of entertainment with a tendency toward putting his foot in the mouth in the media–you might only vaguely recall the dustup over Biden’s comment that ‘you ain’t black’ if you consider voting for Trump. He was fortunate that it came at precisely the same time that the COVID-19 pandemic blew up and what could have been a damaging political gaffe was quietly swept under the rug by a compliant media. In short, Biden could provide plenty of betting interest in his own right.

BetOnline.ag is one of a number of sportsbooks posting proposition odds on the Presidential inauguration. Oddly enough, many of these props are almost identical to Super Bowl props such as these two:


White/Blonde                           -300
Pink                                   +200
Blue                                   +500
Brown                                  +500
Red                                    +1200


Over 120 Seconds                       -160
Under 120 Seconds                      +120

There are also financial props such as ‘Will Bitcoin be up/down on 1/20/21’ with ‘Up’ a -150 favorite and ‘Dow Jones Industrial Average Close Up/Down on 1/20/21’ with ‘Up’ – 140 favorite. Another prop asks which celebrity will appear first during the ‘Celebrating America’ special. Justin Timberlake is a +250 favorite there just ahead of battle worn Bruce Springsteen at +275.

Other props deal with the specifics of Biden’s inauguration. Biden has a reputation (fair or not) as being somewhat bumbling so there’s a prop bet on how many words he’ll stumble over during the inauguration speech (O/U 0.5 words with the ‘Under’ at -300). A bigger faux pas comes with a much higher price: would Biden put the wrong hand on the Bible taking the oath of office? Yes is +1400 with the No a whopping -10000. Even though Biden has made a response to the coronavirus pandemic a central focus of his ‘pre-Presidency’ he’s unlikely to wear a mask while taking the oath:


No                                     -2500
Yes                                    +800

There are plenty of props on the speech itself including the specific words said by Biden. There’s also a prop on whether Joe will kiss his wife Jill on the lips (No is a -225 favorite). As for Trump, BOL is offering a prop market on his final grants of clemency before he leaves office with Lil Wayne a -500 chalk. You can check out the full board of Presidential Inagruation odds here:


In Europe, Betfair is offering odds on what Donald Trump will be doing during the inauguration day ceremony. He’s already said he’s not going but most doubt that he’ll even watch the event being as he’s delusionally still claiming that he somehow won the election. The most likely alternate activity isn’t a surprise–‘Playing Golf’ is a -200 top choice with ‘Tanning’ the second choice at +600.

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