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BetMGM Renews Partnership Deal With Poker Pro Darren Elias

James Murphy
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  • BetMGM has announced a renewal of their partnership deal with poker professional Darren Elias.
  • Elias is a four time World Poker Tour (WPT) Champion.
  • BetMGM and Elias originally started their partnership in 2021.

BetMGM has upped the ante in the world of poker by renewing their partnership with Darren Elias, a name that resonates with dominance and skill in professional poker circles. As a four-time World Poker Tour (WPT) champion, Elias holds the record for the most WPT titles by any player, a testament to his prowess and strategic mastery of the game. With over $20 million in winnings from live and online poker tournaments, his career is a portfolio of remarkable achievements and thrilling poker moments.

Since 2021, Elias has been the face of BetMGM Poker, bringing his expertise and passion for the game to the brand as a distinguished ambassador. His representation by Above the Felt Entertainment has facilitated this partnership, positioning him to continue his role in promoting BetMGM Poker’s vision of offering premier online and live poker experiences across North America.

Elias’s involvement extends beyond mere representation; he is a cornerstone of BetMGM’s online poker campaigns and a familiar presence at significant tournament festivals. His engagements with the poker community and contributions of insights to BetMGM Poker players have been invaluable. In a new development, Elias will also start to enrich BetMGM’s ‘The Roar’ sports betting blog with exclusive content, broadening his impact and connecting with a wider audience.

The collaboration between Elias and BetMGM is celebrated by Above the Felt as an authentic endorsement that merges strategic insight with a charismatic appeal, significantly bolstering BetMGM Poker’s brand visibility and growth. Tom Wheaton, founder of Above the Felt, remarked on the enduring partnership as a prime example of the synergistic potential between players and operators in the poker industry.

Luke Staudenmaier, BetMGM’s Director of Poker, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for continuing their journey with Elias. “BetMGM is proud to extend our partnership with a poker champion of the caliber of Darren Elias,” he stated. “Darren’s talent and passion for poker, along with his dedication to excellence, align perfectly with our brand values. We look forward to achieving new milestones together and continuing to provide top-tier online and live poker opportunities to our players.”

Elias, reflecting on the partnership, shared his pride in being part of BetMGM Poker’s growth and expressed eagerness for the future. “Together, we will continue innovating our online poker offerings and focus on bringing new hybrid online and live poker opportunities to all of BetMGM’s poker and sports markets across the U.S.”

This partnership renewal not only strengthens BetMGM Poker’s position in the market but also reaffirms its commitment to enriching the poker landscape with high-quality, engaging experiences for players of all levels, backed by the expertise of one of poker’s leading figures.

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