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BetLeroy’s To Partner With SB22 On A New Sports Betting App

James Murphy
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  • Nevada based BetLeroy’s will partner with SB22 on a new ‘engagement based sports wagering platform’.
  • BetLeroy’s is led by legitimate Las Vegas sportsbook legend Vic Salerno.
  • The original incarnation of Leroy’s Race and Sportsbook is one of the iconic brands in the history of Nevada sports betting.

Gaming technology provider SB22 has entered into a partnership with Nevada based BetLeroy’s to launch what they describe as an ‘innovative sports engagement mobile application that features leaderboards, a wide range of betting options’. BetLeroy’s is the latest stop for legit Las Vegas sportsbook legend Vic Salerno, most recently of USBookmaking. In 2021, Elys Game Technology acquired USBookmaking and if I remember correctly kept Salerno on board for awhile. That was no doubt before the falling out between the two companies that ended up in court. Now Salerno is going back to the ‘OG’ with his new project, resurrecting a variant of an iconic brand in Nevada sports betting.

Here’s the particulars of the press release after which we’ll get into the quotes:

SB22, an award-winning sports betting and iGaming platform provider, today announced a strategic partnership with BetLeroy’s, a company led by sports betting hall of fame inductee Vic Salerno. Together, the companies will launch an innovative sports engagement mobile application that features leaderboards, a wide range of betting options, and a patent pending Apple Watch app.

The first quote is from Salerno, who now holds the title of President of BetLeroy’s:

“We are thrilled to join forces with SB22 to launch a new sports wagering app that is focused on a seamless interface and sports fan engagement. Our team has over four decades of experience in the sports wagering industry, and this partnership is a great fit for us to continue our mission of pioneering the future of sports betting innovation.”  

Next up, we’ve got SB22’s Chief Commercial Officer Vik Shrestha:

“BetLeroy’s and their entire team are renowned in the world of sports betting, and we are proud to be partnering with them to launch a next-gen sports wagering mobile app. Our team is committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver a seamless and engaging experience for users.”

Finally, SB22 CEO John Thompson:

“Vic Salerno is a real legend in the industry.  No one understands sports betting better than he does, and we are honored to be the technology of choice for him and his team. The market is starting to realize that to differentiate and be successful in this space you’re going to have to do something more than just throw your brand and millions of dollars of giveaways and marketing spend on a technology platform that predates the iPhone.”

The press release concludes by instructing those interested in more info and updates on the project to visit www.sb22.com.

Here’s the blurb about BetLeroy’s that sums up the many innovations they brought to Nevada sportsbooks:

BetLeroy’s sports wagering legacy stretches back to 1978 and has been a cherished favorite of locals in Nevada known as “Your Neighborhood Bookie.” The team has a storied history of sports wagering innovation including the first regulatory approved computerized wagering system, the first kiosk betting system, and the first betting app in the Apple Store.

In its previous incarnation, ‘BetLeroy’s’ was known alternately as Leroy’s Horse & Sports Place, Leroy’s Race and Sportsbook or just plain Leroy’s. In 1996, Leroy’s became a publicly traded company under the name American Wagering, Inc. The first Leroy’s location launched in 1978 when an entrepreneur named Leroy Merillat bought a sportsbook in downtown Las Vegas and gave it the eponymous name. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get licensed by Nevada regulators and sold the sportsbook to his son-in-law, Vic Salerno.

The Leroy’s location at 114 S. 1st Street in Downtown Las Vegas was always unassuming but would eventually become a huge player in Nevada’s gaming industry. Leroy’s was the last independently run sportsbook in Las Vegas but was by no means a ‘dinosaur’. They were the first to use a computer management system, first sportsbook in Nevada to use betting kiosks–and the first third party sportsbook management company in Nevada. In 1989, Leroy’s began to open sportsbooks in casinos and by 1992 had branches in 30 gaming properties. By 2012, when UK bookmaking giant William Hill bought out American Wagering they were operating sportsbooks and/or kiosks at 72 locations in the state.

Here’s some pictures of the building that used to house the original Leroy’s. Click on the pictures to expand:

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