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Betano Announces Expanded Partnership With Romanian Football Federation (FRF)

James Murphy
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  • European facing sportsbook Betano has announced an expanded partnership with the Romanian Football Federation (FRF).
  • Betano began collaborating with the FRF two years ago.
  • The expanded partnership will see Betano become a naming sponsor of Romania’s premier cup competition.

Kaizen Gaming’s Betano brand and the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) have further solidified their partnership, extending their collaboration until 2030. This enduring relationship now encompasses the title sponsorship of Romania’s premier cup competition, newly dubbed the Cupa Romaniei Betano. This agreement not only highlights the deepening ties between the two entities but also signifies a shared ambition to elevate Romanian football to new heights.

Over the past two years, Betano and the FRF have worked hand in hand, driven by a shared vision to enhance the stature and appeal of the Cupa Romaniei Betano. According to Julio Iglesias, Kaizen Gaming’s Chief Commercial Officer, the reformatting of the competition has been a pivotal step toward achieving this goal. Iglesias expressed confidence that this renewed multi-year partnership would inject even more enthusiasm and prestige into the tournament, underscoring Kaizen Gaming’s commitment to fostering the growth of sports in Romania with integrity and responsibility.

Răzvan Burleanu, President of the FRF, remarked on the significance of this extension, labeling it the longest partnership extension in the federation’s history—a clear testament to the mutual trust and recognition of the positive impact their collaboration has had on Romanian football. The ambition is to propel the Betano Romanian Cup to a premier status among the country’s sports events, bolstering its visibility and popularity.

This collaboration has been marked by remarkable achievements, notably Betano’s dedicated marketing efforts that have significantly enhanced the competition’s profile. Burleanu’s comments reflect a shared dedication to promoting sportsmanship and the values inherent in athletic competition, setting a benchmark for partnerships in the sports industry.

This extension is not just a renewal of a sponsorship deal; it is a commitment to the future of Romanian football, aiming to enrich the fan experience and ensure the Cupa Romaniei Betano remains a fixture in Romania’s sporting calendar for years to come. Through this partnership, Betano and the FRF are poised to bring Romanian football to new levels of success and popularity, underscoring the power of strategic collaborations in the world of sports.

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