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Allegiant Air Launches Nonstop Flights Between Las Vegas And Provo, Utah

James Murphy
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  • Allegiant Air has launched nonstop service between Las Vegas and Provo, Utah.
  • Startup Breeze Airways is planning to launch service on the Las Vegas-Provo route in August.
  • Allegiant will fly twin-engine Airbus A320 jets on the route which at launch will run Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday.

You can file this in the ‘things I never thought I’d see’ bin. Allegiant Air has launched nonstop flights between Las Vegas and Provo, Utah. The new route was announced in May along with several other additions including flights from Provo to San Diego, Portland and Sanford, Florida (adjacent to Orlando).

To the uninitiated, this might seem like a punch line to a joke. The reality is that Las Vegas has always had a sizable Mormon population. Howard Hughes’ top associates were predominantly Mormon–they became collectively known as ‘the Mormon Mafia’. Aside from that, it’s a reflection of how the population of the Salt Lake City area has been exploding southward. Most of the new residential and commercial development along the Wasatch Front has been in the area between South Salt Lake and Provo. The fact that Salt Lake City International Airport has become one of the 20 busiest in the country–and has been in a constant state of construction for the past five years plus–has created an opportunity for the much smaller facility in Provo.

At the time the new route was announced, Allegiant Senior VP of revenue and planning had this statement:

“We’re thrilled to grow our network and provide Allegiant travelers with new flight options. Our recent announcement to begin base operations in Provo, Utah has opened the door for an expanded route map and these new flights will connect area travelers to four top-tier destinations.”

Wells was back today with another quote about the launch of the new route:

“We are beyond excited to launch service between Las Vegas and the heart of the Utah Valley. Whether visitors plan to explore downtown or Utah’s breathtaking landscapes, Provo is conveniently located for a perfect weekend getaway. Allegiant’s unique brand of affordable, all-nonstop flights offers families the opportunity to fly more often to see friends or take vacations.”

Allegiant isn’t the only airline serving the Provo to Las Vegas route–startup Breeze Airways plans to start their service in early October. The Allegiant flights will run on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday departing Las Vegas at 10:27 AM Pacific, with return flights from Provo leaving at 11:33 AM Mountain. For those of you scoring at home, Provo’s airport code is PVU. Allegiant will fly twin-engine Airbus A320 jets on the route. You might see the Allegiant flight schedule increase sooner rather than later since Breeze is planning to operate daily service on the Las Vegas to Provo route.

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