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WynnBet Sports Betting App Now Live In Colorado

James Murphy
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  • Wynn Resorts has launched their sports betting app in Colorado.
  • Next up for Wynn is a likely launch in Indiana, again a partnership with Full House Resorts.
  • The current incarnation of the WynnBet Colorado app doesn’t work with the latest version of the Android operating system.

WynnBet said they were going to get their sports betting app live in Colorado in ‘Q4 2020’ and they did that with a few days to spare. The app is now live at:


Colorado is the second state for the Wynn Resorts digital endeavor. WynnBet launched in New Jersey in September and there are several more states coming soon. The most likely ‘next up’ was expected to be Indiana–Wynn’s technology partner Scientific Games sent a press release in September indicating that Colorado and Indiana were ‘coming soon’. Currently, however, the WynnBet website lists New Jersey and Colorado along with Michigan as a ‘coming soon’:

WynnBet is also seeking a license in Virginia, which the company reported in a press release announcing a deal with NASCAR along with Martinsville Speedway and Richmond Raceway. Presumably, Scientific Games will also partner with Wynn in these states as well. Wynn Resorts also has a partnership with European sports betting provider BetBull for oddsmaking services and other operational support of the company’s US sports betting endeavors.

I was hoping to give you some first impressions of the Wynn Colorado app but unfortunately they’re not currently supporting the current version of the Android OS, Android 11.

At least that’s the information I received when I tried to access the site this afternoon. I was using my One Plus 8 Pro at the time which uses a modified version of the Android OS. I haven’t had a chance to check it on my other phones yet but (update: I tried it on my Pixel 4 XL w/ Android 11 and got the same thing. I ended up installing it on my Blackberry Key LE2. Images below)

Not a good look for WynnBet if they’re not supporting the latest version of the Android OS at launch. At one point, I could have provided numbers on how many users are currently on Android OS but it looks as if Google has killed that function. Third party estimates indicate that Android 11 isn’t a big part of the system’s ecosystem currently but that should quickly change as cellphone providers push the latest version to customers. Obviously, the number of clients they can’t serve isn’t particularly high right now but I’d be willing to wager (see what I did there) that the demographics of Android 11 users skews toward male, college educated, affluent, tech geeks who update their phone as soon as one is available. Me, for example. The symbolic message isn’t a good one either–one thing that information security experts stress is the importance of keeping your OS–mobile or otherwise–up to date. Hopefully WynnBet gets this straightened out quickly. Not sure about support for Apple iOS 13.7 which is the most recent version for the iPhone. Both were released at roughly the same time and iOS 13.7 is up to 6.5% of all iOS installations.

UPDATE: Installed the WynnBet app on my Pixel 4 XL which is also running Android 11. Didn’t work on that either and gave me the identical error screen as above.

UPDATE #2: I did get it installed on my Blackberry Key2 LE which runs the modified BB version of Android 8.1. The Blackberry physical keyboard is still the best option for anyone who writes a lot of texts and emails. Nice shot of the Wynn Las Vegas on the main page. I don’t like the fact that you can’t dismiss the ‘log in/register’ pop up unless you…surprise…log in or register. I’m not in Colorado at the moment (you can thank COVID-19 for that) but when I return I’ll dig deeper into the app.

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