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theScore Bet Upgrades Sports Betting App With Personalized Features

Ross Everett
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  • theScore Bet has upgraded its mobile app with an assortment of highly personalized and integrated new features.
  • The package called Bet Section is available for all users of the US theScore app with Bet Mode activated.
  • The app is currently available only on iOS.

Toronto based theScore has arguably done more than any other media company when it comes to integrating traditional sports and news content with an operational betting platform. They’re currently taking bets in three US states–Colorado, Indiana and New Jersey–with more on the way and have become a favorite option for both novice and expert sports betting enthusiasts.

The deep integration theScore offers between sports content and their betting platform is a large reason for their success. They’ve just announced a new suite of features intended to bring the two realms even closer together. On Thursday, November 12, Score Media and Gaming announced the debut of ‘Bet Section’, which they describe as their ‘most integrated and personalized suite of betting features ever’. Here’s how the company’s press release described their upgraded wagering experience:

Users will receive a suite of highly personalized betting features, such as prioritized and tailored markets, live bet tracking and exclusive promotions. Bet Section’s deep integrations make it even simpler for fans to create bet slips, follow their action and even receive cash out offers for theScore Bet, all within theScore.

You know how Amazon almost ‘magically’ knows what you’re looking for and offers relevant suggestions on their home page? For example, I’m in the process of upgrading my desktop PC and recently bought a new video card from Amazon. Since that purchase, I’ve started seeing listings for other computer components such as CPUs and motherboards whenever I visit. From the sound of it, theScore’s new feature will do something similar in a sports betting context. If you bet a lot of Serbian professional hockey you’ll see all sorts of relevant bet types and features whenever you hit their home page.

Better yet–here’s the description of the most significant new features from theScore’s press release:

  • Personalized Markets: Bet Section surfaces the most relevant markets available on theScore Bet based on sports fans’ favorite teams and leagues on theScore, helping them discover the bets they’re most likely to care about.
  • Bet Tracking: When a bet is placed on theScore Bet, it will automatically be tracked live within Bet Section on theScore. This means fans can follow their wagers live in theScore’s sports app – including seeing real-time cash out offers – allowing them to always know where their action stands while still focusing on the game.
  • Exclusive Promotions: Sports fans will be served exclusive and personalized promotions for theScore Bet.
  • Community Polling: See how picks are polling with other users of theScore, cast your vote and use the results to start building a bet slip.

John Levy, founder and CEO of theScore, had this to say about the upgrading mobile betting experience:

“We launched theScore Bet on the premise that betting should be a natural extension of how fans consume sports, not an isolated transactional experience. With the launch of Bet Section we’re further fulfilling that mission by creating an unparalleled cross-platform experience that personalizes and streamlines the betting process for users as they interact with our media app. It’s natural, seamless and reinforces our cutting-edge approach in fusing media with gaming.”

And now the bad news–the new features are currently available only on the iOS version of theScore app. Unless you’re an iPhone user you’re out of luck. Hopefully they’ve got an Android port in the works and it gets done ASAP. I generally like what theScore has done but it would be a bad move to marginalize such a large percentage of the mobile betting world should they not support Android in the long term. Stay tuned….

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