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Sportradar Announces Partnership Deal With Esports Betting Services Provider Oddin.gg

James Murphy
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  • Sports betting data provider Sportradar has announced a partnership with Esports betting company Oddin.gg.
  • The partnership will allow Sportradar to offer streaming coverage of esports events to their sportsbook clients.
  • Oddin.gg holds exclusive media rights to major esports competitions worldwide.

Sportradar, a leading sports data aggregation firm, has further expanded its burgeoning portfolio by entering into a multiyear strategic partnership with Oddin.gg, an esports betting services provider renowned for its engaging content and innovative betting solutions. This collaboration marks a significant enhancement to Sportradar’s esports offerings, positioning it to leverage Oddin’s extensive esports content through audiovisual streaming across its network of over 900 operators globally.

Patrick Mostboeck, Sportradar’s Senior Vice President of Fan Engagement, articulated the value of this partnership, highlighting the synergy between Sportradar’s cutting-edge technology and Oddin.gg’s expansive growth ambitions. “This agreement further strengthens Sportradar’s esports offering while supporting Oddin.gg in realizing their growth plans through AV streaming for betting,” said Mostboeck. He emphasized the importance of ultra-low latency audiovisual outputs and comprehensive live odds and real-time trading solutions in monetizing the esports sector’s dynamic and rapidly expanding fan base.

A pivotal aspect of this partnership is Sportradar’s role in distributing data for Oddin’s official rights to high-profile esports competitions, including notable events for the eagerly anticipated gaming title, Counter-Strike 2. Oddin.gg is set to host the PGL Copenhagen Major 2024, the first major competition for Counter-Strike 2, with Sportradar poised to distribute crucial data to sportsbooks through Oddin’s streaming products. Beyond this, Sportradar will provide operator data for additional competitions under Oddin’s banner.

Oddin.gg’s reach extends beyond its partnership with Sportradar, having secured agreements with betting-centric companies in various international markets, including Kazakhstan’s Olimpbet and Serbian entities Balkan Bet and MerkurXTIP. The Prague-based esports betting services provider reported a staggering betting turnover of approximately $89.6 billion in 2023, underscoring its significant impact and influence within the esports betting landscape.

In a parallel development, Sportradar has also solidified its presence in the traditional sports domain through a six-year agreement with the United Soccer League (USL). Announced on March 5, this partnership designates Sportradar as the USL’s official betting and technology partner, entrusting the firm with the collection, licensing, and distribution of USL betting and media data. This comprehensive agreement encompasses over 600 matches across League One, League Two, and the forthcoming USL Super League, further exemplifying Sportradar’s diverse and expansive reach across both traditional sports and esports sectors.

These strategic partnerships not only reinforce Sportradar’s commitment to providing unparalleled data and content solutions but also highlight its pivotal role in driving innovation and engagement across the global sports and esports betting ecosystems.

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