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fuboTV Launches Online Shop For Branded Merch

Ross Everett
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  • Sports streaming platform fuboTV has announced the launch of an e-commerce site selling ‘exclusive branded merchandise’.
  • fuboTV has been busy over the past year raising their corporate profile and preparing for the launch of their Fubo Sportsbook sports betting platform.
  • Fubo Sportsbook already has market access agreements in place for Arizona, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Indiana and New Jersey.

The sports betting platform of streaming giant fuboTV won’t launch until the end of 2021 but they’re already busy getting the promotional machine fired up. They recently announced a partnership deal with the New York Jets that includes a Fubo Sportsbook branded lounge–called Fubo Sportsbook Lounge at MetLife Stadium. Earlier this year, they launched an in-house content studio, primarily for use by advertisers contracted with the streaming service. fuboTV is clearly hoping that their brand will become iconic–or at the very least popular–as they’ve just opened an ecommerce platform selling ‘exclusive branded merchandise’ at https://shop.fubo.tv/.

Want to rep the Fubo Sportsbook even tough it hasn’t opened yet? Now you can do it with just one trip to the Fubo Shop. The ecommerce platform offers both fuboTV and Fubo Sportsbook branded swag though the selection is currently limited to a few t-shirts, ballcaps, beanies and hoodies. They’ll no doubt be adding more products in the future. Here’s how the fuboTV press release said essentially the same thing that I just did:

fuboTV Inc. (NYSE: FUBO), the leading sports-first live TV streaming platform, is giving consumers the opportunity to put the “swag” in their swagger. The company has launched its first e-commerce venture: Fubo Shop, an online store selling exclusive branded merchandise from fuboTV and its forthcoming Fubo Sportsbook.

Fubo Shop offers a large assortment of clothing and accessories from sweatshirts, t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts and vests to baseball caps, hats, all customized with logos from fuboTV, Fubo Sportsbook and more.

The press release was ‘short but sweet’ although it did include a quote from David Gandler, co-founder and CEO, fuboTV, who suggested that the launch of the branded merch outlet was ‘due to popular demand’:

“Since our public offering on the New York Stock Exchange one year ago, consumers and retail investors have inundated us with requests for more personal ways to connect with our brand. We’re grateful for their ongoing support, and hope they enjoy the variety of new clothing and accessories options to help them show their fubo pride.”

Here’s some of the merch. I liked the logo colors on this fuboTV branded t-shirt:

I was actually thinking about buying a ‘Fubo Sportsbook’ t-shirt but they only have them in black. Gotta add some white shirts, guys….

I did like the fact that they had several variations of the Fubo Sportsbook logo. The logo above is also available in all white. They also have their orange square logo:

This really isn’t a bad idea–if they sell some it’s found money for them as well as a way to build their brand identity. I was surprised to find out that fuboTV competitor DAZN *didn’t* have a swag store. Given DAZN’s high profile as a boxing broadcaster this is even more surprising. I’d totally wear a ‘DAZN Boxing’ t-shirt.

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