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Bible Toting Lunatic Breaks Into Soccer Star Neymar’s Paris Home

Ross Everett
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  • A Bible toting religious lunatic broke into the Paris mansion of soccer star Neymar over the weekend.
  • Neymar’s security ran the fundamentalist religious kook off of the property.
  • The home invader was arrested in a neighboring town not long after.

Paris Saint-Germain soccer star Neymar had a potentially scary encounter at his home several hours before the French Ligue 1 side routed Reims 4-0. A fundamentalist religious lunatic toting a bag full of Bibles scaled the outside wall to Neymar’s compound and approached the front door of the dwelling. He claimed to be ‘spreading the word of God’ at the soccer star’s luxurious digs in La Celle-Saint-Cloud.

Neymar’s security team quickly responded to the incident and ran the Jesus freak off of the property. They alerted police who arrested him in the nearby town of Bougival. The home invader claimed that he only wanted to meet with Neymar to give him ‘the word of God’. He claimed to not have any sinister motive and didn’t plan to rob the PSG superstar–only to talk religion with Neymar. Since this didn’t happen in the United States, the intruder wasn’t heavily armed.

Neymar got off lucky–robbing PSG players has become something of a cottage industry for local hoodlums. In March, Angel Di Maria’s home was robbed while he was playing in a match against Nantes at the Parc des Princes. Di Maria’s home in Neuilly-sur-Seine was not vacant at the time as his wife and daughters were inside. The scofflaws made off with watches and jewelry worth more than €500,000 ($597,000). Around the same time, another group of criminals broke into the home of PSG captain Marquinhos’ father. The thieves locked Marquinhos’ dad and a couple of unidentified relatives into a room while they ransacked the house. Apparently, they roughed up the elder Marquinhos a bit hitting him in the face and chest. The local police gave the not particularly settling explanation that the criminals thought they were robbing Marquinhos and not his dad. PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino got a phone call from sporting director Leonardo during the second half of the game and accompanied Di Maria off the field to go deal with the situation.

Mauro Icardi and Sergio Rico also had their homes burglerized during PSG matches earlier this season. The crack local police force has a theory that these incidents might be related and that they’ve handed the investigation over to ‘a special police unit dealing with armed robberties and serious burglaries’. Good luck with that.

Earlier this month, Neymar signed a three year contract extension with Paris Saint-Germain that will keep him on the roster through 2025.

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