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BetMGM Signs ‘Turtle’ From ‘Entourage’ As Celebrity Brand Ambassador

James Murphy
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  • BetMGM has announced the signing of actor Jerry Ferrara as a celebrity brand ambassador and podcast host.
  • Ferrara is best known for his performance as ‘Turtle’ on the HBO TV series ‘Entourage’.
  • Ferarra will host a weekly sports podcast called ‘Unleashed’ in addition to unspecified promotional duties.

BetMGM can’t help itself. They keep signing ‘celebrity brand ambassadors’ despite scant evidence that they do anything to ‘move the needle’ on brand awareness or anything else. At least their latest signing is a good one who’ll bring something more to the table than just fame and public recognition.

The interactive/sports betting arm of MGM Resorts has just announced that Jerry Ferrara has been signed as a celebrity brand ambassador and podcast host. Ferrara will co-host Unleashed, BetMGM’s weekly sports podcast, participate in future BetMGM fan events and will be featured in upcoming BetMGM marketing campaigns. Ferarra is a solid actor with a lengthy resume that has worked steadily for nearly twenty years–no small accomplishment in acting. Despite a long list of credits including ‘Jimmy the Greek’ in the 2013 film Empire State he’ll forever be known for his killer performance as ‘Turtle’ on the HBO series Entourage. Here’s a clip of some of his best moments–sorry about the decidedly non-HD video quality:

Although Jeremy Piven’s performance as agent Ari Gold gets most of the acting props on Entourage, Turtle was a great character. He held his own against the incredible performance of Kevin Dillon as ‘Johnny Drama’. IMO, a decade plus out from the end of the series I’m starting to think that Turtle and Johnny Drama were the best characters all along.

Ferrara currently hosts a podcast called “Bad 4 Business” (B4B), which the BetMGM press release describes as ‘a wide-ranging podcast featuring interviews with athletes, actors and everyday people’. Unlike many ‘celebrity brand ambassadors’, Ferrara is actually a good pickup. He’s a legit sports fan, a very funny guy and should do an excellent job on the BetMGM podcast.

Ferrara gave a good press release quote:

“As a diehard sports fan, I couldn’t be more excited about legalized sports betting and having the opportunity to partner with an industry leader like BetMGM. It’s an honor to be the first BetMGM ambassador to co-host Unleashed and I’m excited to share my passion and knowledge with fellow sports fans.”

Matt Prevost, Chief Revenue Officer, BetMGM, gave this generic blurb:

“Jerry Ferrara is a talented actor and a passionate sports fan. Together we’ll create fun, unique content for our podcast and other BetMGM-related opportunities that we believe sports fans will love.”

BetMGM’s celebrity brand ambassadors have been ‘hit and miss’ ranging from the iconic (Edmonton Oilers superstar Connor McDavid) to the inexplicable (former women’s professional softball player AJ Andrews). Ferrara might not be an ‘A-lister’ but he’s the all too rare celebrity pickup that should add considerable value to the company.

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