What Do American, Decimal, & Fractional Formats Mean?

by Kamil Mendelski in NFL  / December 18, 2018

We have to be careful with the probability though: bookmaker probabilities are influenced by where money is going, and the sum of the probabilities of a single event will always surpass 100 percent.

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Bookmaker probabilities tell you how much they’re charging to take your bet. You may also hear this referred to as “the juice” or “cut” or “vig(orish).”

Online Sports Betting in Tennessee

Like most states where sports gambling is illegal, Tennessee offers few opportunities for those wanting to stay in compliance with the law. If you’re willing to bend or break these rules, however, you’ll find a few more possibilities available to you.

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From wagering with a friend to tracking down a reliable online sportsbook, there’s always a way to indulge your passion for gambling.

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Reed vs Crowder Prop BetOnline Odds
Reed More Receiving Yards than Crowder -113
Crowder More Receiving Yards that Reed +87

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